Wilhelm Peterson-Berger - born februari 27, 1867

Peterson-Berger was a Swedish composer and music writer. He was one of the main national romantic Swedish composers. Peterson-Berger is well known for Frösöblomster 1-3 (Fröso Flowers 1-3), containing piano pieces Sommarsång (Summer Song), Vid Frösö kyrka (At Frösö church) and Intåg i Sommarhagen (Entry to Sommarhagen).

Jubilee year 2017

Across Sweden and abroad Peterson-Berger's 150th year is celebrated all through the year. This website helps inform the many possible events during the jubilee year. Event coordinators can send us information for publication here by going to the section Submit/About us and register your concert/event.

Sommarhagen, Frösön. Photo PB Stiftelsen. Photographer Bengt Weilert.