PB on a mountain hike in 1910, Mellestvallen, Välliste. There PB met the newspaper editor Janrik Bromé and artist Ante Karlsson-Stig. Here he was offered to buy the lot on Frösön where he later built his Sommarhagen.
PB with Janrik Bromé and Helga Englund on an excursion to Vattudal 1912.
Aerial photo Sommarhagen 1920's.

One can say that Sommarhagen is a tribute to PB's mother, his inspiration for his life with music.

He wrote over a hundred years ago, when he moved into Sommarhagen, that he had erected a memorial to his beloved mother, for his feelings for her, which were the deepest and most heartfelt in his complex nature!

Postcard picture of Sommarhagen, Frösön.

And it was thanks to the inheritance he received after his mothers passing that he could build this house. But the gift of music that she had given him was a much greater legacy.
Sommarhagen is a blend of different architectural styles; Norwegian, Swiss, Old Norse and with hints of English, perhaps in the style of the villas built by wealthy Englishmen up in the mountains.

The building is a log house, but dressed with horizontal with panels, the Norwegian way, to protect the house against wind and rain. PB chose the American style large landscape picture windows throughout the building, instead of the Norwegian small paned windows.

PB with Paul Jonze, the artist who painted the interior of Sommarhagen. Here on the patio 1915. Jonze has broken his arm after he had fallen from a platform where he was painting.
PB playing tennis at Sommarhagen with a nephew.
Sommarhagen, Frösön. Photo PB Stiftelsen. Photographer Bengt Weilert.

It is said that the first roof trusses in the music hall were machine sawn timbers and hoisted up, but PB ordered that they be taken down because he wanted hand-hewn logs. He participated himself with an ax in the work to produce the new trusses.

The five open beams caused more concern. In Paulson's plans they were of conventional design: a horizontal cross beam that supports the roof ridge via a central standing beam. Despite their earlier agreement PB said they are incorrect and redrew them as he desired.

Construction continued during the winter and spring of 1914. During the summer of 1914 furniture and household items from his parental home in Stockholm were moved in.

On July 19, 1914, he recorded in his pocket diary: "First night under my own roof."

Sommarhagen, Frösön. Photo PB Stiftelsen. Photographer Bengt Weilert.

Sommarhagen is built entirely by PB's personal preferences and lifestyle, and is rich in cleverly thought out details and solutions. This was a house that was totally different than the houses that were on Frösön and naturally aroused curiosity among Frösö residents.

Study, Sommarhagen, Frösön.
Study, Sommarhagen, Frösön. Photo PB Stiftelsen. Photographer Bengt Weilert.
Sommarhagen winter.

The poet Erik Axel Karlfeldt became PB's best friend. They were almost the same age, they came to Stockholm from rural Sweden at the same time, in the mid-1890s, with similar backgrounds.

Even before he met Karlfeldt in person, PB had written music to five poems from Fridolins visor, 1898 (Fridolin's Song). It would be followed by thirty more. The fly in the ointment for Karlfeldt was that most of his poems became famous because they were so well set to music by PB. One can say that the music lifted the poetry.

Sommarhagen, Library 1934, PB on the phone. Telephone number 41B.
PB with Lars Tirén, Frösön.
PB at grand piano, Sommarhagen.
PB outside Sommarhagen.
PB at Sommarhagen with niece and nephew.
PB with nieces and nephew at Sommarhagen before a hike.
50 year high school reunion at Sommarhagen 1935. PB graduated in Umeå 1885.
Sommarhagen, PB with three other people.
PB at home in white linen suit.
PB directing Östersunds Orkesterförening (philharmonic) 1933. Violinist, Göran Olsson Föllinger.

From summer 1930 PB resided in his summer residence on the island of Frösön, Sommarhagen, until his death December 3, 1942.

After 1930, he frequently socialized with Östersund famous personalities. Here supper at Tourist Hotel with director Ålund, V. Bard, librarian Jakoboxsky, schollmaster Zeilon, consul Ragnar Olsson et al.
PB's 70 birthday 1937.

Peterson-Berger was more than just a musician, composer. He was a Swedish cultural personality with music as his primary means of expression.

For, however brilliant he was as a writer, critic, music educator, his music is considered to be the brilliant commentary, the most important part - the creative artist, composer.

Johan Björck, priest on Frösön, was one of PB's good friends. It was he who performed the funeral service December 8, 1942, and made sure that PB got his grave just outside Frösö church.

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